We are not a recruiter that will simply let you know when your interview is. We’re here to do everything possible to ensure you’re successful. From CV advice to interview preparation, we’ll give you the tools to make the best possible impression.

Whether you ultimately get the role or not, we will always provide honest feedback – both positive and negative.



KnoWho exists to find candidates their perfect job. We believe that no one should be dreading going to work on a Monday morning.

If you’re looking to take the next step in your career, we can help you ensure it’s a step in right direction. We don’t just find the best paid jobs, but the ones with best teams, working environments and progression potential.



While we are typically recruiting for a large number of roles, they may not always be within your field of expertise. But that doesn’t mean our door is closed.

We can hunt for specific roles of your behalf. Get in touch and we’ll activate our networks to find you the perfect job.



“The first recruiter I have dealt with who actually took time to read my CV, interests, experience and secure me an interview for a role that was suitable and relevant to me, which I then succeeded in securing. After the interview Alex was understanding and helpful, helping to negotiate a start time that worked for me and a wage I was happy with. He ended my 4 month search for a job within a week.

In essence, exactly what you want from a recruiter, but the ‘service’ you never receive while looking for jobs.

I would recommend using KnoWho without a question.”

Jamie Fisher

“A real conversation with genuine interest in what I was looking for. Alex took time to understand my skills and reasons for seeking elsewhere which led to quickly securing me an interview for a role that felt relevant to me. He was open and honest about the company, job and the salary expectations which gave me a realistic view of what to expect when I accepted the offer.

It seemed too good to be true to start with but the whole recruitment process felt natural and the advice I received pre and post interview was really helpful. It was obvious that Alex had a genuine interest in supporting me throughout and keeping me updated; something I haven’t experienced with any other agency.

I think this is the right way to go when it comes to recruitment & I wish KnoWho all the best for the future :)”

Georgina Sawyer

“I can highly recommend KnoWho. Alex had the experience to understand my skill set and took time to listen to what I wanted from my next career move. As a result he found me a job perfectly suited to my requirements and the process took 3 days from start to finish! Alex’s support throughout the process including follow up was fantastic. If you are job searching or have a role to fill I would definitely advise you to contact KnoWho.”

Sarah Knight

“In an industry where so many agencies have such a bad reputation, it’s refreshing that these guys really do take the time to listen to you as a candidate; and fully understand what sort of role you’re looking for.”

Matt Lee

“KnoWho were brilliant from start to finish, Alex took the time to go through my portfolio and get to know me on a personal level to assure me, he would find the perfect position for me. I would highly recommend KnoWho to anyone looking for a great start to their career. They made the job hunting process an enjoyable one!”

Steven Simmonds

“Alex was absolutely brilliant. Friendly and very helpful, he understood exactly what I was looking for and helped me prepare for every step!”

James Binding

What can I say? I’ll try and make this review concise. Professional, personable and unlike any other recruiter. Within a few days I felt as though I had know Alex for much, much longer. He was clear, honest and approachable from the get-go. When he said he would get back to me on X day, he did exactly that. Empathetic throughout the process and he helped land me in fantastic new role I was put forward for. His review of my portfolio and experience led him to understand who I was and what I was looking for. He recognised my strengths and weaknesses and understood what would suit me best – personally and professionally. I never dreaded picking up the phone when he wanted a chat, like I have done with many others. I have since recommended KnoWho to friends of mine and will continue to do so. All in all, a brilliant experience. Do not hesitate to contact him.

Mark Delaney

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